Az Screen Recorder Apk

How To Download Az Screen Recorder Pro Apk?

This is an Az Screen Recorder Pro Apk from AZ Screen Recorder. In this post, you will find step by step guide on how to download Az Screen Recorder Pro Apk. AZ Screen Recorder is the developer of this app and this is an android screen recording application that will allow you to record your screen anytime and from anywhere.

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There are lots of things to learn from this app, You can make your screen recording awesome with this App. There are lots of things that we need to know about this application, It is a free app and it is available on Google Playstore. So let’s check some things about this app: What is it is a Free Video Recorder App which has a unique and beautiful user interface, It also has amazing features and functions.

Az Screen Recorder Apk

Features of AZ Screen Recorder Pro Apk

Az Screen Recorder Pro is a good third-party android application for users, the most interesting features of the app are as follows:

Integrate with both Yahoo Screen Recorder, Onavo extension, and HaaS Devices –

With the integration of Yahoo Screen Recorder and Onavo extension in the Az Screen Recorder Pro apk, you can easily capture videos on your smartphone, or share them to your Yahoo account and post them on the blog or social networks.

·Easy to install and configure –

Az Screen Recorder Pro apk can be installed in just 2 steps, including installation and configuration. ·Flexible and expandable – Az Screen Recorder Pro apk has many features which are expandable in the future, with the help of optional plugins.

Free cloud recording and playback –

Any device which supports Adobe Flash is supported, which makes the Az Screen Recorder Pro apk an effective tool for professionals, freelancers, or tech lovers, to record their screen, web, and anything else they want in the best quality.

Fully compatible with Yahoo Screen Recorder and Onavo extensions –

Az Screen Recorder Pro Apk is fully compatible with Yahoo Screen Recorder and Onavo extensions. Therefore, Az Screen Recorder Pro is a good choice for Yahoo users who want to use an Android device for recording their screen or share it on Yahoo.

Fully compatible with HaaS devices –

Some More Features

Az Screen Recorder Pro Apk is compatible with all the HaaS devices, including satellite internet.

1. Record screen activities from your android phone.

2. High-resolution recordings: any type of phone with a big display can easily record your screen activities.

3. Share screen recordings: You can share your screen recordings with friends and family members who do not own an android device. You can also share your screen recordings with your followers on Facebook.

4. Apply effects to screen recordings: You can apply in-app screen recording effects such as Cut, Copy, and Paste on the recording.

5. Save recordings on phone storage: You can save your recordings to your mobile phone using the built-in storage on your phone. You can also use an external memory device if you want to transfer recordings on an external device. So it is best to install Az Screen Recorder on your android phone and see your favorite screen recordings within its awesome interface.

How to Install Az Screen Recorder?

1. Download Az Screen Recorder Apk from given button below.

2. Open the App and search for the app icon, then tap install and agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Start downloading all the device apps

4. Double-tap to expand all the downloaded apps

5. Tap install.

6. Enjoy the screen recording with this free Video Recorder App.

Az Screen Recorder Pro Apk Download


If you are a YouTuber or gamer then the Az Screen Recorder Pro Apk is one of the best choices for you, as it allows you to record gameplay videos with internal sound. It comes with a fantastic feature and the best thing it does not require any root permission at all.

If you have any doubts about the app, you can ask the queries by commenting below!

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