GTA 6 Apk Download OBB/Data File For iOS and Android 2023

Engaging in leisure activities including playing games, watching movies, video calling, etc has become the new normal after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world and we can’t deny that no one can escape this new normal.

When the lockdown was imposed worldwide, people all around the world were looking for different ways to pass their time and playing games on mobile phones or computer devices was one of the most favorite pastimes of all. There are thousands of games of different genres available on the internet today but the lovers of action-adventurous games always outnumber the lovers of other genres.

If you are one of those lovers then we are sure that you must have played the game GTA 6 or must have at least heard of this game at some point in your gaming life. Even if you are new to the gaming world, then be assured that this game will not fail to amuse you by any chance as GTA 6 is one of the most loved games present on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

We understand that we all are trying to adapt to this new world with maximum effort, so we are here today to tell you about GTA 6 which will help you to make the best choice while opting for an adventurous game to invest your valuable leisure time in.

GTA 6 is a game that has gained huge popularity all across the world within a short period and with great ease, managed to become one of the most liked games among players worldwide. The surprise here is that this game can be played by anyone free of cost.

What is GTA 6?

The Grand Theft Auto action-adventure game series was brought into existence by David Jones and Mike Daily in June of the year 1997 in the United Kingdom. If we talk about GTA 6, the setting of this game version is rumored to be a modern-day recreation of Vice City or something from the 1980s.

The GTA games series have been set in many other locations as well like Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas/Los Santos. The GTA 6 game may be highly inspired by the Netflix series named Narcos which is based on the cocaine trade, so in the game, you can get a chance to build your drug empire.

Features of the Grand Theft Auto 6 APK game

The creators of the Grand Theft Auto 6 game have made sure that you get the most interesting gaming features in a single game so that you don’t feel the need to download and play any other game. We know that you would be curious to know about all of the features GTA 6 has in store for you, so we will discuss them one by one as we move ahead.

Some of the impressive features of Grand Theft Auto 6 include an interesting storyline, attractive graphics, user-friendly interface, beautiful and realistic locations in the game, etc.


The GTA game series never fails to impress the players with its spicy and differentiated storylines. Although there are many guesses about the storyline for GTA 6, the most common one is that the game will have a story related to drug smuggling. There can be a single male protagonist or multiple protagonists involved in the drug smuggling business, making connections with drug lords. The setting can be a modern Vice City or it can be a set from the 1980s.


The Grand Theft Auto 6 game has been incorporated with eye-catching graphics and visuals so that you get a premium experience during the entire gameplay. Everything, person and location have been made to look high quality and you will be able to see the movements of each item in the game very clearly.

For example, if you look at a car moving on the road, you will see for yourself how real it looks because its detailing has been done very carefully. The second example can be that of the people moving around you, you will be able to see even their hand movements very clearly.


How can we not talk about the sound quality when the game has truly amazing sound clarity? What will always keep you entertained is the fact that while playing the GTA 6 game, you will be able to hear even the minutest volume sounds like the chirping of birds, the rustling of bushes, waves of the ocean, shutting and opening of doors and windows, chattering and footsteps of people, etc very audibly.

User-friendly Interface

Grand Theft Auto 6 has a very friendly and interactive user interface which means it is extremely easy to use and even a new player can seamlessly become an expert in using the app.

Every option in the game is indeed placed at the right place i.e. in specific menus so that the player can access any feature quickly.


The GTA 6 game gives you the chance to visit different locations in a city or even different cities. You will move to locations like beaches, clubs, cafes, houses, parks, riversides, mountains, etc, and you will also get to experience rainfall, snowfall, etc and people, cars, bikes, etc will be moving around you so that you get a realistic experience when you move from one place to another during your gameplay and this will keep you engaged for sure.

Action and Adventure

The GTA game series is widely known for the thrill and adventure the gameplay provides its players with. For example, you get a chance to drive cars and ride bikes whenever you want while you are playing the game. You can take cars or bikes from strangers by pushing them aside to get an ultimate action experience. Also, there is a lot of intense violence incorporated in the game to make it more realistic. This is one of the reasons why the game has been rated for the ages 17 and above.

We are sure that by now you would be all set to download and play the Grand Theft Auto 6 APK and must be wondering how you can download and install the game on your device, so the next section of this article will tell you how you can do it.

Steps for Downloading  and installing the Grand Theft Auto 6 APK on your device for free

You can download and install the Grand Theft Auto 6 APK on your mobile phone or any other device by following a few simple steps that we have mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, click on the “Go To Download Page” option present on this website for your convenience. 
  2. Once you click on the “Go To Download Page” button, you will land on the download page for the Grand Theft Auto 6 APK and then, you have to click on the “Download” button being displayed to you on the screen.
  3. Now, the download process will begin on your device which will take a few seconds to finish. While waiting for the download to complete, you can go to your phone’s “Settings” to allow all the permissions to unknown sources so that the APK can be installed on your device without any hindrances.
  4. After the completion of the download process of the APK, you can open the GTA 6 APK from your phone’s notification centre or “File Manager” and start the installation process.
  5. The installation of the GTA 6 APK game will take some time to finish and once it is done, you can launch the game on your device and start playing it.
GTA 6 Apk
Game NameGTA 6 APK
Latest Versionv1.1
Publisher ByRockstar Games 
Download Size141 MB
Game StyleAction
ModeMultiplayer Video Game
Required Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above
OBB FileAvailable

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get in the Grand Theft Auto 6 APK?

  • The GTA 6 is a thrilling game that will take you on an adventurous roller coaster ride as it has an incomparable storyline and you will get a chance to perform activities full of action during the gameplay.

Is it safe to download and install Grand Theft Auto 6 APK on your device?

  • Yes, it is completely safe as well as easy to download GTA 6 APK on your device as the APK has passed all the security checks by an expert team.

Is GTA 6 better than GTA 5?

  • Well, both GTA 5 and GTA 6 may be quite similar and are truly competent. However, GTA 6 has a very unique storyline and a lot more action when compared to GTA 5.

Is the Grand Theft Auto 6 APK free of cost?

  • Yes, you can download and install the Grand Theft Auto 6 APK on your device without spending a single rupee and enjoy the gameplay.


The Grand Theft Auto 6 APK is truly adventurous and will not fail to provide you with a maximum level of thrill and satisfaction. The best part is that you can enjoy the impressive features of the game like high-quality graphics, attractive locations, etc free of cost.

So, go ahead and download the GTA 6 APK game on your device right now so that you don’t miss out on the thrill!

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